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Lisa Reynoso

Mental Health Coach (not licensed)

My degrees:

I work with:


men, women, couples

I serve those struggling with:

Premarital/Marriage, Religious Issues/Scrupulosity, Depression, Separation/Divorce, Stress/Anxiety

Other degrees and certifications:

Further training in progress

Why I'm a coach:

Some recent crises in my personal life has given me so much empathy for people going through crisis. The more I learn about the topic of mental health and work with people, the more passionate I am for this field.

What I love  most about coaching:

I love watching people achieve transformations in their lives. The process may seem hard at times, but hearing that I saved the life of one client, or that another has made some hard but necessary choices, or that now they understand why they are struggling with something... all of these are things that have happened with my clients, and it brings me such joy! If I didn't need to make a living, I'd do this job for free!

I recharge on my day of by:

What's a day off? Just kidding! I take Sabbath off, and I go to church, and then either take a nap or spend time with friends. I enjoy going for walks and sharing meals with friends and church family.

My three favorite things:

Singing—both alone and in front of people

The Chosen

Coaching clients

Ready to go?

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