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Sherry Thomas

Sherry Thomas, BSN, graduated from Loma Linda School of Nursing. Later volunteered as a

chaplain for approximately 4 years, also as a school counselor. Completed a certificate for Kids

in Discipleship through K.I.D. University, Growing Kids God’s Way and Rainbow International.

Certificates in Caring for People God’s Way, Breaking Free, and Marriage Works through Light

University. Working towards certification as Board Certified Biblical Counselor. Has enjoyed

working with various womens’ and children’s ministry teams and participating in Your Best

Pathway to Health.

The choice to help people with their mental health was a result of seeing and feeling a need to

help patients who were not just suffering from physical pain but more emotional pain. Having a

father with with a doctorate in psychology influenced her interest in psychology. Her heart is

sympathetic to those who have had are having struggles in their life, just like she has and does.

What she likes best about helping people is leading them to find peace and courage as they feel

love and hope through Jesus; that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

Learning to rejoice in the Lord in all circumstances.

To recharge personally, she enjoys; outdoor adventures, the beach, reading, writing, art and

listening to audio stories, sermons and music. Three of her favorite activities are spending time

with her husband, kids, granddaughter and friends, and off-roading with her husband.

Sherry Thomas