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I see: Individuals, Adults, Teens


I give free consultations: Yes


I charge, per 50-min session: $50


I use these modalities to communicate: Email, Text, Phone, Zoom, Facetime


My Timezone: European timezone


My specialties are:

Health issues

Digestive disorders



Stress management

Domestic abuse 


My toolbox includes the following modalities:


Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Biblical mindfulness, breathing, etc.,

Emotional support and empathic listening,



I have the following Abide Network certifications: Abide Helper Training


My other relevant degrees, certifications, and trainings are:

Registered Nurse, BSN

Certified Wellness Coach through IAP College

Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program training 


For the last 10 years Elena has worked in an acute care hospital setting as well as a clinician at Dr. Nedley's depression and anxiety recovery program. She has seen the powerful connection between physical, mental and spiritual health and her desire is to educate on how they work together for optimal wellness. She takes a holistic approach to coaching and helps fill a gap that modern day medicine is missing, using resources our Creator God has given us.


What do you like best about coaching?

I love being able to share what I've learned through my own experiences and education to help others along their journey. Life is challenging and coping with challenges can be difficult. I enjoy seeing the individual progress people make towards overcoming obstacles to create and maintain healthy habits and find peace and joy.


How do you recharge on your day off?

I spend quality time with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors and also spend time alone focusing on mental relaxation through worship/meditation.


Why did you choose to do coaching?

I became a coach because I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned on my journey, so you don't have to struggle so much with yours; to educate and empower  you to reclaim your health. My passion for this comes from personal and professional experience. Working in the hospital setting, traveling to provide aid in war torn countries, surviving abuse and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder myself, I’ve seen many band-aids put on people’s physical, mental and spiritual health. My goal is to help facilitate deep transformation and achieve lasting results instead of temporary fixes.


What are your three favorite things?

1. Experiencing God's creation through travel and learning about different cultures from all over the world.

2. A good gut laugh; the kind that makes you cry happy tears ( studies show it lowers stress, improves health and makes you a better learner :).

3. Connecting with people; in a world full of distractions, I enjoy time to connect with someone on a personal level.


Elena Rohm

Coach, RN, BSN

Elena Rohm

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