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I work with:

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Individuals aged 17 to 59

Time zone: Pacific (PDT)

Fee per session: $85/individual; $100/couple or family. Sessions are 60 minutes.

Communication modalities: Email, Google Meet, phone, text

Specialties/focus: Biblically-based Christ-centered intervention with individuals using CBT, married or premarital couples, and families; boundaries and assertiveness coaching; resiliency skill training; grief (conventional and suicide)

Education significant to coaching: Abide Coaching Certification Training, Try This At Home Marriage Workshop, Abide Helper Training

Certificates/diplomas: MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, BA in Psychology, Try This At Home certificate of completion

Jeanine Goodwin, AMFT, has practiced as a mental health therapist for the past five years, working in community mental health for 3.5 of those years. She has coached with Abide since May 2021. Jeanine enjoys seeing the lightbulb go on for clients, the turning point where change begins to occur. On her days off, Jeanine likes to read, hang out with her husband and teen daughter, plan events, create music and sing, give back, and prepare delicious meals.

Jeanine Goodwin


Jeanine Goodwin

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