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Jeanine Goodwin

Jeanine Goodwin


Jeanine Goodwin, RMFT, is a budding marriage and family therapist, layperson, and music minister of the gospel. She is a graduate of Capella University and currently works for a community mental health agency in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Jeanine’s passion is the family with a special focus on the institution of marriage and intimate couple relationships. When she isn’t working, she’s writing, directing one of her church’s choirs, collaborating on music projects, doing hair, mothering her daughter, and nurturing her own marriage of 12+ years. Jeanine wears her heart on her sleeve; yet she is mastering the art of emotional sobriety and teaches her clients to do the same.

What leads you to be a counselor?

A genogram. As a psychology student, one of my first assignments was to make a three-generation genogram of my family. What I learned was astounding. Only one marriage (my maternal grandparents) lasted “till death do us part.” The rest of the unions were broken by divorce and infidelity, with an average of one-to-two remarriages that also ended in divorce, not to mention all the children that were born in between. It was like all the marriage and divorce statistics I read about had been lived in my small circle of a family . . . and it scared me. I had only been married for a year and I wondered if my union was genetically doomed to end in divorce. Since then, I have been determined to break my family “tradition”: my marriage would not end in divorce. I also decided at that point to make marriage and the family the focus of my work as a counselor, and I changed my major.

What do you like best about it?

The “aha” moments when the lightbulb goes on and my clients realize what they must do to effect change in their lives. I also like it when clients are willing to do the work of therapy.

What do you do to recharge on your day off?

Hair, nails, play with my daughter, sing along with my favorite songs, cook and eat (lol!), take a bath, and spend way more time with God than I am able to do on my working days.

What are your three favorite things?

Good books, the beach, and wintry weather.