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I see: Individuals, Families, Adults

I charge, per 50-min session: $85/individuals; $100/couples and families

I use these modalities to communicate: Email, Text, Phone, Other

My specialties are:

Difficult relationships

Family conflicts


Job problems


Relationship issues

Religious concerns

My toolbox includes the following modalities:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Family systems

Emotional support and empathic listening,


I have the following Abide Network certifications:

Abide Helper Training

Abuse, Trauma, & Faith Workshop

Anxiety & Depression Relief Workshop

Project Safe Church Training

Try This at Home Marriage Workshop

My other relevant degrees, certifications, and trainings are:

Bachelor's in Psychology

Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy

What do you like best about coaching?

I like focusing on the present and helping clients visualize and work toward a better version of themselves in the future.

How do you recharge on your day off?

Sleep!!! But I also recharge through uninterrupted communion with God, reading a good book, and learning something new.

Why did you choose to do coaching?

Originally, I opted to do coaching because at the time it was the only way I could reach Seventh-day Adventists with mental health support from a biblical perspective. That is still the case, but I'll add to that the fact that I enjoy motivating clients through practical tasks to achieve their goals.

What are your three favorite things?

That's a hard question because I have a lot of favorite things! I'll just choose these:

1. Reading

2. Cats

3. Good food

Jeanine Goodwin


Jeanine Goodwin

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