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I see: individuals, families, adults, teens

Time zone: ET (US)

Fee per 50-min session: $65

Free consult: yes

Modalities: email, text, phone, Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp







Difficult relationships

Family conflict

Internet addiction


Sexual abuse

Languages: English, Spanish

Approaches used: cognitive behavioral therapy

Relevant trainings, certifications, etc:

Nedley Depression Recovery

Triple P Positive Parenting Program,

Certified Professional Life Coach

Abide Network certifications:

Abide Helper Training

Abuse, Trauma, & Faith Workshop

Anxiety & Depression Relief Workshop

Project Safe Church Training

Joanitza Aparicio is certified in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) by Florida International University. She also has undergone training through the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program and Optimize Your Brain by Nedley Health Solutions Center. She is currently studying about sexual abuse and trauma, and is passionate about providing support for clients who have had tragic experiences within their marriage and/or families. For a time, she was taught a false form of submission in the marriage context. Now, she is advocating for respect and Christ-like love between spouses, based on the Bible.

What do you like best about coaching?

What I like best about coaching is seeing God’s hand at work. His perfect love working through us. How we heal helping others heal. The fact that we are all interconnected and our stories even though different, they are similar at the same time. When it comes to the need of love and the purpose God created us with, we are all alike. We were born to love and be loved, through coaching I get the chance to express the love God has so freely gifted me with and the free expression to gift to others.

Why did you choose to do coaching?

I chose to become a life coach after working for a wellness center. I realized the great need in others; the pain, childhood trauma, abuse, fear and uncertainty people around me live with. After freely coaching friends, family members, my children’s friends and students along my journey, I am now hoping to use my skills, love and compassion towards assisting others and improving lives all around me. I have experience the privilege of seeing people around me heal, because of a guiding hand, words of truth and an open loving heart. I want to be able to guide as many people as possible to have a deep, loving relationship with Christ that will reflect on their every day smile, attitude and ultimately their life.

How do you recharge on your day off?

I recharge on a daily basis talking to God, reading devotionals or listening to a good service. I love sitting with my husband outside on our porch and having long chats. Spending time with my family, cooking and having people over. My fourteen year old, my husband and I enjoy playing in the snow when there is enough to play with. When is nice and sunny outside I love going on hikes, admiring nature and swimming or sitting in a river. I enjoy going kayaking and just looking at God’s creation and loose myself imagining how He create it all. I can’t wait to see it all unfolding in front of us when He does it again. I enjoy gardening and seeing how a seed turns into something magnificent. Reading a good book. Coloring a book is one of my favorite past times, figuring out a good puzzle and seeing who will get the next piece in the right place is a lot of fun too.

What are your three favorite things?

1. The free expression of loving God (being his daughter)

2. Being surrounded by my family and friends

3. Being able to pray and being a helping hand for those in need.

Joanitza Aparicio


Joanitza Aparicio

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