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Works with: adults, teens &; couples

Lives in: the Eastern Standard Time zone in the United States

Charges: $100 per 45-minute individual sessions and $150 per 45-minute couple sessions.

Offers a free 15-minute consultation

Modalities: Zoom or other secure video platforms





and other mental health concerns

He is proficient in helping individuals develop effective behavioral and communication patterns.

Ken also has a passion for working with couples to help them establish new relational norms that get them back on the same team.

With six years of clinical experience into the coaching sessions, he approaches each client uniquely using interventions that are solution-focused and person-centered.

Coaching styles:






Ken Knoechel, LPC, felt called to the field of counseling after a near-death accident riddled his life with physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges. Upon recovering his ability to walk, talk, and think again, he realized how God used a tragic life event to develop a unique set of skills he now uses to genuinely help others through dire circumstances. While working with diverse populations and a variety of mental health issues, Ken has discovered the most effective way to help someone process through difficult emotions is to allow God to guide the therapeutic process.

Ken now lives in Chattanooga, TN where he offers teletherapy/coaching services. He and his wife enjoy traveling where they can engage a variety of cultural experiences. They both have a heart for all animals, but are most fond of their 3 cats – Remi, Mozzie, and Zella.

Ken Knoechel


Ken Knoechel

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