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I see: individuals, families, adults, teens

Time zone: ET (US)

Fee per 50-min session: $50

Modalities: email, text, Zoom, Facetime





Family conflicts


Internet addiction


Relationship issues

Self-esteem issues

Women’s issues

Relevant trainings, certifications, etc: Post-Abortion Trauma training

Abide Network certifications: Abide Helper Training

Lisa Sawvel has been coaching women at a facility near her home for many years, many who have suffered from loss and trauma, many from the effects of having an abortion. Many of these women are also in difficult interpersonal relationships, something that Lisa can relate to these women on having gone down the same road. When she married, all her hurts did not dissolve as she dealt with a husband who had an addiction fueling a marriage problem that almost resulted in divorce. But both Lisa and her husband tirelessly worked out the problems in their marriage with God’s help and they are a healed family unit. They now can reach out to others by giving weekend seminars in churches, schools and other arenas. Lisa glorifies God for what He has done and enjoys her marriage, family and relating with hurting people. Lisa has helped numerous women with their issues which include: marriages and relationships impacted by pornography, step-families, teens, care-giving older parents, grief, loss, trauma, and those dealing with great disappointments in their lives.

Lisa has served on a Women’s Ministry Board for many years. She heads up UNcompromised program for families which helps parents teach purity and God’s standards of living for families.

What led you to be a coach?

I have faced many trials and hardships in my life. I have made decisions in my life that hurt me and my marriage. I suffered a loss of identity while my husband battled his own addictions. But, my life and my husband’s life was healed by God. We share how God is faithful and can heal others, using our own experiences. I want to glorify God and coaching gives me the opportunity to do that.

What do you like best about coaching?

I love people! I love being used by God in helping others heal by sharing hope and help. Giving them the tools needed and seeing God do His marvelous work in transforming His children!

How do you recharge on your day off?

I enjoy time with my family, reading, quilting, decorating.

What are your three favorite things?

Too many to list but, after God and my family:

1. Walks with my husband

2. Quilting

3. Camping, speaking, and simple living at our cabin

Lisa Sawvel


Lisa Sawvel

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