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Tim Allston

Tim Allston


I see: adults, individuals

Time zone: CT (US)

Fee per 50-min session: $100

Modalities: email, text, phone, Zoom

Specialties: “Ego-holism” recovery, “Leading from the Middle,” career transitions, spiritual concerns, coping skills, negative thinking, relationship issues, self-confidence

Languages: English

Approaches used: varied

Relevant trainings, certifications, etc: American Association of Christian Counselors

Abide Network certifications: Abide Helper Training

Tim Allston serves his coaching clients from:

A previous 44 years of marketing/public relations management, higher education administrative, editorial/publications management, and call center/customer retention experience;

Proven expertise in authorship-publishing, professional speaking, and leadership and management from #2 positions;

A Bachelor’s in English (1977), Masters in Business Management (1994), and a Doctoral Candidacy in Educational Leadership & Management (2013-15); and

Accredited (APR) by the Public Relations Society of America (2001), Advanced Life Coaching Certification from the American Association of Christian Counselors (2018), and Certification from the ABIDE Training Network (2021).

What led you to be a coach?

Like Jonah did for 40 (days) unsuccessfully, I ran from God’s calling on me for 40 (years) unsuccessfully. But, . . .Finally, I accepted my calling: to present current events, newsmakers in light of Biblical best-practices (the WHAT). Therefore Christian life coaching, author-publishing, and online courses’ creation/training are the HOW.

What do I like about coaching?

It’s God’s natural extension of my prior professional expertise:

  • As Assistant Freshman Studies Director at Hampton University (1991-98), I advised and counseled some 9,200 collegians – with a 90-93% retention rate;

  • With DirecTV’s customer retention group, I retained 76% of my disconnecting customers; and

  • Now in “coach-sulting” (overlapping coaching and consulting), I am able to replicate that previous fruitfulness in an un-apologetically Christian way!

How do I recharge on my days off?

Other than observing weekly the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath – what’s a “day off” for a “God-preneur”?

What are three of my favorite things?

Partnering with the Holy Spirit to become more Christlike, being a loving stay-at-home “Proverbs 31” husband (since 1994) and a doting Dad (since 2003), and publishing a “Perspectives on God’s Views and Current News” column in The Valley Weekly.

I look forward to serving you as your coach-sultant; contact me at 256-212-0949, or at

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