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It's a joy and honor to serve the community by helping them on their journey!

A Massage Therapist &
Abide Helper Training Participant

I did get a lot of helpful information to help share at a volunteer ministry which is exactly what I was looking for.

Abide Helper Training

Jennifer is a great trainer.

Very knowledgeable, practical and covered a lot of material in the course that has been very useful for me as a coach.

The Jesus Meditations were the most helpful because I connected with other people and also because it was a do-able daily activity.

Jesus Meditations Challenge Participant

Anxiety & Depression Relief Participant

The workshop was incredibly helpful to me! It's amazing that even via Zoom a sense of fellowship and community was created. The workbook was very well done and Jennifer's class very good--fast-paced and just the right amount of info per session. I'm very thankful that I took the class. Perfect balance of spiritual support and medical info and research.

(Abide community member)

The social media posts have been very encouraging and helpful to me for years. Recently, I took the Abide Helper Training and was blessed by the content,

and motivated by the opportunity to get involved in coaching. I love helping people and look forward to being certified to coach in the Abide Network in the near future!

Albeit over zoom, it was good to have a group work through the program with. To know that I wasn't alone, to encourage one another, to keep each other accountable with our weekly tasks, and to share what was/wasn't working for us individually. By the end of the course I halved my depression score, and I'm pretty stoked about that.

(A&DR Participant)

Anxiety & Depression Relief Participant

The workshop

helped me learn

a lot of valuable information about depression and

how to holistically take steps to

treating it.

(Abide community member)

Food for the Heart & Depression workshop It has provided a useful connection point to lessen my feeling of disconnection and has been an excellent resource for right thinking from a biblical standpoint as I work thru some of my feelings of loss and loneliness after a divorce from my wife of almost 30 years.

The toolboxes are extremely helpful for us who are older ..allows us to become grounded in the midst of so many  references. They serve as a great launch point to steer us in the right direction.

(participated in workshops)

(A&DR participant)

I am now recognizing when I am starting to go into an anxiety cycle and I am able to apply the practical info needed to change patterns. I am in fact healing and becoming less depressed over time. ...It has saved my marriage and my children a lot of challenges and it has made me happier and better able to cope with life. In fact, I go so far as to say it has saved my life. Because I now have a life worth living and I feel like I’m learning to be in control of my life instead of my anxiety being in control.

(joins the Bible studies)

The "Food for the Heart" Friday evening  Bible studies is so in touch

with everyday life.

It's inspirational to see Biblical reference of

God 's Grace and Love

for us all. It is also good

to be able to reply the meeting on Facebook

and share with other family members...

the very first meeting was great and helped me to get close to God

and His Mercy.

Thank all of you.

I love Jesus Meditations because this ministry is so inspiring and calming.

This is a very valuable tool even when the other aspects are forgotten or out of reach.

This is an unexpected

bonus for taking the Anxiety and Depression workshop which l believe will help me to become centered during my future tests. The on-line workbook for the Anxiety and Depression workshop is exquisitely put together and promises to be so very helpful & accessible.

A member of the
Abide Network community

E.P. (Abuse, Trauma & Faith
workshop participant)

I went into this workshop thinking I was the problem and broken, but left realizing that it’s not me, it’s the trauma and this can be healed!

S.H. (Abuse, Trauma & Faith
workshop participant)

This workshop not only helped me identify repressed early childhood trauma but provided the tools to help me process it.

This workshop was

such a blessing!

All the tools I’ve learned will help me to manage and continue healing from my traumas.  

E.D. (Abuse, Trauma & Faith
workshop participant)

A.C. (Abuse, Trauma & Faith
workshop participant)

Jennifer created a safe, supportive space for attendees, and the workshop was packed with sound research, biblical principles and practical homework. 

L.B. (Abuse, Trauma & Faith
workshop participant)

The workshop has been a real blessing to me.  What a difference having the right information, some very powerful tools and loving support can make!

I am able to navigate

my day to day triggers with awareness now.

I also loved the community and hearing other peoples stories at a time when I felt alone.

J.O. (Abuse, Trauma & Faith
workshop participant)

Have you been blessed by our services?
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