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Abuse, Trauma and Faith


Hope for those who have suffered at the hands of others, who bear the marks in their souls, and who long for healing and freedom. Author, counselor, and traumatologist Jennifer Jill Schwirzer leads out in this self-paced, change-oriented course on healing from trauma. Experience growth through six lessons: 1. Comprehending- Gaining an understanding of trauma and its effects 2. Calming- Learning important grounding techniques and calming lifestyle measures. 3. Confronting- Facing triggers with courage 4. Constructing- Understanding how trauma treatment works 5. Continuing- Exploring more trauma treatments 6. Consolidating- Gathering together lessons learned, fostering optimism for long-term growth Learning Objectives: This workshop is designed to help you -learn about abuse and trauma, their diagnoses, prevalence, and prognosis, -identify current research on lifestyle habits and grounding exercises that have been shown to improve symptoms, -utilize cognitive, relational, and other empirically-validated interventions to help symptoms, -connect to a supportive learning and change community that values mental health principles, -implement helpful changes into your everyday life.

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