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Hope for those who have suffered and long for healing and freedom.

This transformative group workshop is designed specifically for individuals who have endured trauma and yearn for restoration.

What to expect

Dynamic Sessions

Transformative six-session course, drawing from 13 years of clinical practice.


Engaging resources including a workbook, video course, and live workshops.


Connect with a supportive community, gain practical strategies, and expect a life-changing online experience.


  • learn about abuse and trauma, their diagnoses, prevalence, and prognosis,

  • identify current research on lifestyle habits and grounding exercises that have been shown to improve symptoms,

  • utilize cognitive, relational, and other empirically-validated interventions to help symptoms,

  • connect to a supportive learning and change community that values mental health principles,

  • implement helpful changes into your everyday life.


  1. Comprehending- Gaining an understanding of trauma and its effects

  2. Calming- Learning important grounding techniques and calming lifestyle measures.

  3. Confronting- Facing triggers with courage

  4. Constructing- Understanding how trauma treatment works

  5. Continuing- Exploring more trauma treatments

  6. Consolidating- Gathering together lessons learned, fostering optimism for long-term growth

About the Speaker


Drawing from her own personal history of need for accessible, affordable mental health services, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC, EdD founded Abide in 2012. Armed with a vision of creating a go-to place where those seeking faith-based mental health services could receive them virtually, she has guided Abide Network into now having over 40 active professionals and paraprofessionals who provide virtual mental health coaching all over the world. She had her team have also added workshops, free support groups, and a weekly Bible study called Food for the Heart.

What participants are saying

“I went into this workshop thinking I was the problem and broken, but left realizing that it’s not me, it’s the trauma and this can be healed!”


“This workshop not only helped me identify repressed early childhood trauma but provided the tools to help me process it.”


“This workshop was such a blessing! All the tools I’ve learned will help me to manage and continue healing from my traumas.”


Don't let the scars of your past define your future. 

Embark on a path of healing, growth, and lasting change. Take the first step towards reclaiming your life and unlocking hope. Sign up now to secure your place in this life-changing workshop. 

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Abuse, Trauma & Faith Program



Hope for those who have suffered at the hands of others, who bear the marks in their souls, and who

Valid until canceled

Self-paced course with pre-recorded videos

Access to virtual group sessions

Private discussion group

Lifetime access to features and future sessions

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