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Community Etiquette

1. Confidentiality - What is said in the group stays in the group. Group members should consider the group work sacred, creating an environment where members can share freely without fear of their stories “leaking out.” 


2. Privacy - No group member is forced to disclose personal information. Each member controls their own narrative, choosing what to share and what to keep back. 


3. Dignity - No group member is ever treated disrespectfully. Undue criticism, belittling, sarcastic put-downs of people within or outside the group, will destroy the tone of the group. Members also come to group free of intoxicating substances. 


4. Propriety - Members will keep language and communication pure. While some delicate things may need to be shared in order to convey the participant’s story, members should avoid unneeded information of a sexual nature and foul language. They should also exercise consideration for the morale of the group and not overshare negative information. 


5. Conciseness - Members will stay within their allotted time to speak. Group support is not individual counseling. Each member needs time to speak. Therefore, when a time limit is given, talking past that limit takes time away from another member. Group members should be sensitive to this. 


6. Technology - Be aware of how your phone affects the group. Mute your line if you’re not in a very quiet place. Make sure you have a good connection so that everyone can hear you and so that you can be heard. 

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