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Virtual Mental Health Coaching


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How Abide Network Works

Abide Network operates as a referral service. We connect you with experienced professionals, but we do not form counselor/client relationships directly. Your journey starts by exploring the profiles of our counselors and coaches below.

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Find a coach!

Explore the profiles of our counselors and coaches that you can be referred to.
You may skip down to fill out the intake form and leave that decision to our Intake Supervisor.

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Explore Your Options

Video Call

Starter Session

One 30 minute session – $40

Do you still have questions about coaching? Try a starter session! One of our coaches will help you strategize a plan for how to find relational and emotional healing, life purpose, a sense of order, and other benefits. Starters sessions take the anxiety out of starting your journey toward better mental health.

Online counselling

Personal Coaching

Are you ready to get the mental health assistance you need? One-on-one support is now available! Fill out our comprehensive intake form below to get started!

Choosing a coach

You can request the practitioner of your choice from our Coach Finder, or let our Intake Supervisor place you with the best fit.

  • Coaches - budget friendly mentors:  $30–$100

  • Counselors - fully licensed professionals: $60–$125 


Please be aware that most providers listed on Abide Network do not accept insurance. This allows us to maintain flexibility in providing accessible services to our diverse community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to match with a coach ?
    The matching process starts once you submit your intake form and our intake supervisor reviews it. Processing time is 2 to 5 days.

  2. If you don't take insurance, will it cost too much?
    Depending upon the provider, the cost may not be any more than a copay. Bear in mind that sessions can occur twice a month or even once a month versus weekly.

  3. How will I pay? 
    Abide is a referral network and doesn't directly charge its clients. Your coach will set up a payment plan on their personal system after you've been matched. 

  4. How are individual meetings scheduled? 
    Scheduling will take place after our intake supervisor reviews your intake form and pairs you with a coach. Your coach will then contact you to set up an appointment. All coaching is virtual, meaning it takes place on Zoom or a similar platform.

  5. Are any books included in the price? 
    No physical books are provided. You can purchase any of Dr. Jen's books and other resources from the shop.

  6. Do you offer group sessions? 
    Most coaches will allow you to bring significant others, such as family members, to a session if you should deem it beneficial, but charges may differ depending on your coach.

  7. I still have more questions! What can I do?
    See our starter session info to arrange a meeting with one of our intake coaches.

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"I embarked on a 40-year journey seeking healing from various therapists, yet none addressed my trauma like the coaches at Abide Network. I'm shedding weight, my spiritual life is flourishing, and my clearer thinking has improved my relationship with God. Abide Network's program has truly been a life-changing experience for me."

– Coaching Client

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