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Discover the keys to anxiety relief and mood improvement!

Based on 13 years of clinical practice, this comprehensive course supports your mental health journey.


Get live, in-person training at the Summit!

What to expect:

Dynamic Sessions

Transformative six-session course, drawing from 13 years of clinical practice.


Engaging resources including a workbook, video course, and live workshops.


Connect with a supportive community, gain practical strategies, and expect a life-changing online experience.


  1. Understanding Anxiety 

  2. Understanding Depression 

  3. Treating the Body, 1

  4. Treating the Body, 2

  5. Treating the Mind 

  6. Treating the Heart

About the Speaker


Drawing from her own personal history of need for accessible, affordable mental health services, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC, EdD founded Abide in 2012. Armed with a vision of creating a go-to place where those seeking faith-based mental health services could receive them virtually, she has guided Abide Network into now having over 40 active professionals and paraprofessionals who provide virtual mental health coaching all over the world. She had her team have also added workshops, free support groups, and a weekly Bible study called Food for the Heart.

What participants are saying

“The workshop was incredibly helpful to me! It's amazing that even via Zoom a sense of fellowship and community was created. The workbook was very well done and Jennifer's class very good–fast-paced and just the right amount of info per session...a perfect balance of spiritual support, medical info and research.”
“The workshop helped me learn a lot of valuable information about depression and how to holistically take steps to treating it.”
 “I am now recognizing when I am starting to go into an anxiety cycle and I am able to apply the practical info needed to change patterns. I am in fact healing and becoming less depressed over time...It has saved my marriage and my children a lot of challenges and it has made me happier and better able to cope with life. In fact, I go so far as to say it has saved my life.”

Mental Health:

Expect a warm, supportive, and informative online environment that just might turn your life around. This workshop is designed to help you make helpful changes, develop a greater understanding of your mental health, and begin or supplement your journey towards well-being.

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Anxiety and Depression Relief Program



Discover the keys to anxiety relief and mood improvement!

Valid until canceled

6 virtual group sessions (times TBA)

Self-paced Course

Private discussion group

Lifetime access to all features and future sessions

Green Hills

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