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Caitlin Musgrave

Mental Health Coach (not licensed)

My degrees:

I work with:



I serve those struggling with:

Abuse/Trauma, Premarital/Marriage, Religious Issues/Scrupulosity, Depression, Separation/Divorce, Infidelity/Betrayal, Stress/Anxiety, Family Issues

Other degrees and certifications:

Light University: Foundations of Mental Health Coaching; Mental Health Coaching Skills; Abuse, Trauma and the Emotionally Destructive Marriage 2.0; Foundations and Applications of Trauma-informed Care

Why I'm a coach:

In my own life, I’ve fought hard to heal my brokenness. When I was first seeking help on my journey out of trauma and abuse, I found little information and support. It is now my calling to come alongside others so they don’t journey alone.

What I love  most about coaching:

I love it when my clients have a breakthrough in their understanding of God. It's the truth that sets us free!

I recharge on my day of by:

Spending time in nature, with family and friends, and reading renews my soul.

My three favorite things:


Deep Conversations


Ready to go?

Get paired with your coach today to begin!

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