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Jeanine Goodwin

Graduate-degree Coach

My degrees:

I work with:

Master of Science - Marriage and Family Therapy

men, women, families, couples

I serve those struggling with:

Family Issues, Grief/Loss, Boundaries, Premarital/Marriage, Stress/Anxiety, Religious Issues/Scrupulosity, Depression, Infidelity/Betrayal, Separation/Divorce

Other degrees and certifications:

Why I'm a coach:

The flexibility I could have in my practice, as well as the ability to reach those in my faith community with mental health and relationship help. Abide helped me to accomplish both!

What I love  most about coaching:

I enjoy seeing clients progress to the point of termination/completion of services.

I recharge on my day of by:

SLEEP! And, I read, write, create music, hang out with my husband and our children, and give back.

My three favorite things:

Making music.

Studying the Bible.

Snuggling with my cats.

Ready to go?

Get paired with your coach today to begin!

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