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I see: Individual adults (18+) women


Time Zone: My time zone is EET (Eastern European Time) but I am flexible working with time zones in the USA.  


Fee per 50 minute session:  $40 


Free Consult?  Yes. 


Modalities:  Email, Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet



Spiritual growth

Religious issues

Spiritual abuse

Church hurt


Identity in Christ


Life transitions

Midlife issues




Women’s issues


Languages:  English, Romanian


Approaches Used: 

Biblical spiritual practices


Emotional support and empathic listening

Thought-processing awareness and redirection



Biblical mindfulness

Emotionally healthy spirituality


Abide Network Certifications:  

Abide Helper Training

Abuse, Trauma, & Faith Workshop

Anxiety & Depression Relief Workshop

Project Safe Church Training

Try This at Home Marriage Workshop


Other relevant education/training:  I have a Master of Education from Concordia University and a Master of Arts in Ministry (Biblical studies) from Wesley Seminary (Indiana Wesleyan University).  I am currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree with a specialization in Pastoral Counseling.  



I am passionate about helping women experience authentic, fulfilling, and emotionally healthy relationships with God, themselves, and others amid the challenges of life.  From early childhood, I knew I was called to ministry and I was active in my faith.  But in my early 20’s I became the prodigal son (daughter) in Jesus’ parable, running from God, family, and church for 15 years – like the old song “looking for love in all the wrong places” – seeking identity, self-worth, and fulfillment in a series of codependent relationships, a successful career, and in doing life my own way.  


But I experienced God’s relentless pursuing love drawing me back to a personal relationship with Him.  This relationship ultimately restored my whole person and brought healing and new life to relationships I had destroyed and dreams I had thrown away.  


I spent the next 15 years of my life in the “valley of waiting” with God – but I was taking intentional steps to allow myself to grow and to be pruned and cultivated through biblical spirituality, mentoring, mental and emotional health practices, and seminary education.  I have led non-profit ministries in Texas and in Romania, am a writer, speaker, and theologian-teacher, have served as a residential house-parent for troubled teens and as a supervisor for Portland Adventist Community Services.  I currently live with my husband in rural north-eastern Romania, host a podcast ministry, and coach women who are feeling lost amid all the stuff life is throwing at them….who want to believe God has something better for them but don’t know where to start…who are tired of trying to live up to all the expectations and doing all the things while still feeling that something is missing…who are wondering where God is and how to know His presence and confidently live out His purpose in everything they do.  I believe that there is no sin too great and no brokenness too broken that God’s love and grace cannot transform into wholeness and holiness – and that God will move all of heaven to answer the faintest heart-prayer, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”  


What leads you to be a coach?

I believe biblical discipleship encompasses coaching and that God intends for the church to function with robust discipleship methods such as coaching, mentoring, and education.   In my own experience, coaches and mentors have blessed me by walking alongside me on the journey.  Coaches help us see where God has been at work in our story and where He is continuing to work – even in the most difficult experiences.  My coaches have listened and given me a safe space for processing, encouraged me to make healthy changes, given me tools and strategies, held me accountable, and enabled me to understand myself, God, and God’s purpose for my life with clarity.  Now I carry this same mission in my coaching of others.  


What do you like best about coaching? 

I especially enjoy seeing women come to realize God’s unconditional and transforming love and the process of helping them to experience God’s healing peace and power that fills life with joy and purpose in any circumstances.  


How do you recharge on your day off?   

I enjoy traveling, hiking, bicycling, and peaceful times for thinking, reading, and hanging out with God.  


What are your three favorite things?

Besides God and family, I love:

1. studying-learning

2. the Pacific Ocean

3. and my dog, Diego


Angela Barna


Angela Barna

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