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I see: Individuals, Adults

I give free consultations: Yes

I charge, per 50-min session: $75

I use these modalities to communicate: Email, Phone, Other

My specialties are:




Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Religious concerns

Trauma and PTSD

Women's issues

My toolbox includes the following modalities:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Biblical mindfulness, breathing, etc.

Emotional support and empathic listening

I have the following Abide Network certifications:

Abide Helper Training

Abuse, Trauma, & Faith Workshop

Anxiety & Depression Relief Workshop

Project Safe Church Training

Try This at Home Marriage Workshop

My other relevant degrees, certifications, and trainings are:

Associate Director for Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program Optimize Your Brain Coordinator Training

What do you like best about coaching?

I love how God uses the darkness and the struggle in our lives to enable us to come alongside another soul to light their candle, to listen and understand. That’s what I love about coaching. It’s God’s way of showing me He’s making something beautiful out of the pain. Deep inside we are all longing to be whole, to find our way. We have a special calling to become the best version of ourselves. It’s a special privilege to be a part of this through coaching.

How do you recharge on your day off?

It’s key that I’m reminded of God’s love for me. Even though I’ve heard it a thousand times I need it every day. Even a simple verse that speaks to my heart can refresh me for the day.  A relaxing massage or a session at the infra red sauna are renewing. Spending time in solitude and peaceful nature are also essentials for me, although a deep meaningful conversation with a friend may turn out to be just as recharging!

Why did you choose to do coaching?

I would say one of the main reasons is that, being able to support someone in their journey in ways that I’m only able to because of my journey, brings so much purpose into my life.

What are your three favorite things?

After God and family, I love...

1. Walks - walks in the forest, walks in the mountains, walks by the ocean or just down the road, pretty much anywhere!

2. Learning new things

3. Getting creative with healthy recipes in the kitchen!

Deborah Gutierrez


Deborah Gutierrez

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