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I see: Individuals, Adults, Teens

I give free consultations: Yes

I charge, per 50-min session: $100

I use these modalities to communicate: Email, Text, Phone, Zoom

My specialties are:




Life transitions


Pregnancy, prenatal


Sexual abuse


Trauma and PTSD

My toolbox includes the following modalities:


Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Biblical mindfulness, breathing, etc.

Emotional support and empathic listening


I have the following Abide Network certifications:

Abide Helper Training

Abuse, Trauma, & Faith Workshop

Anxiety & Depression Relief Workshop

Project Safe Church Training

Try This at Home Marriage Workshop

My other relevant degrees, certifications, and trainings are:

License Clinical Social Worker- Licensed in the State of FL Certified Childbirth Educator Certified Doula Student Midwife

What do you like best about coaching?

I love when my client has an "Ah Ha" moment and they learn more about themselves, what have been holding them back and helping coach them on steps to grow.

How do you recharge on your day off?

I enjoy painting, kayaking and taking long drives with my family. I love sleeping but I have a toddler, so that does not happen much.

Why did you choose to do coaching?

I realized that everyone needs someone to listen to them, objectively and non judgmentally. Everyone needs someone to understand their story and all the factors that makes them unique. Everyone needs someone who can take this information and help that person overcome their biggest hurdles in life. Coaching allows me the privilege to be that someone.

What are your three favorite things?

My husband and my daughter are my two favorite people My phone, bible and a plate of haystacks are my three favorite things.

Jaleesa Sainvil


Jaleesa Sainvil

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