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I see: Children 5+, Teens/Young Adults, Adults

Free Consult: Yes

Time zone: AKST (Alaska Standard Time) 

Fee per length of session: $50 per 50 minute session

Communication modalities I use to see/communicate with clients: email, phone, text, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp

My specialties/focus: Prior to joining the Abide Team, I’ve had experience as a foster parent, nanny, author, and Kindergarten Bible teacher. I have also experienced significant loss, abuse, and trauma, which has helped me understand the nature of mental struggles such as grief, anxiety, and depression. I love children, and conversations with the 5-9 age group are one of my specialties. As a young-adult single, one of my passions is helping fellow singles identify healthy, loving relationships, vs. potentially abusive ones.

I believe that everyone can find new ways of thinking that will help them see life and themselves at a brighter, more realistic angle. I believe in the power of Jesus to heal and deliver, even in the most hopeless situations. Some of my favorite tools are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Scripture therapy, nature therapy, and life-style suggestions that may help to lessen mental burdens.

Certificates/diplomas: Abide Helper Training 

What I enjoy most about working with clients:

I love seeing people blossom when they realize they are loved, forgiven, and accepted.

My interests or hobbies/how I like to spend my days off:

The simple things in life make me happy: I get a lot of satisfaction out of keeping a tidy house, organic gardening, laughing at a clever quip, or turning leftovers into hopefully delicious new creations. I’ll admit, my greatest interest in the winter is staying warm, but I do enjoy cross-country skiing after I put about five layers of gear on.

On a day off, you might find me reading/writing, going for a walk with my family (I’m definitely a family-person :), or perhaps making a flower arrangement with bachelor’s buttons from my patch! I also am endlessly entertained by the antics of both wild animals and our pets.

Savanna Shelden


Savanna Shelden

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