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Book a Speaker

We offer a variety of in person seminars and trainings for conferences,
camp meetings, churches, retreats and other venues. We require travel, food, lodging.
Other remuneration is negotiated with the venue, but we keep the costs
as low as possible so that we can frequently offer these events.

  • FINDING PEACE – On mental health (3-4 sessions)

  • TO LOVE AND BE LOVED – On relationship health (3-4 sessions)

  • JOY LESSONS- On learning how to cultivate positive emotions 

  • ANXIETY & DEPRESSION RELIEF- Help for two common conditions (3-4 sessions)

  • 7 DEADLY PSYCHOLOGICAL SINS – Replacing hurtful patterns (1 session)

  • 7 DEADLY RELATIONSHIP SINS - Replacing hurtful relationship patterns (1 session) 

  • JOY LESSONS - On learning how to feel as good as the law allows

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