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Jennifer Schwirzer

Licensed Coach

My degrees:

I work with:


men, women, youth, couples, families

I serve those struggling with:

Abuse/Trauma, Premarital/Marriage, Anger Management, ADD/ADHD, Religious Issues/Scrupulosity, Depression, Nutrition/Health/Lifestyle, Maternity/Postpartum, Sexual Addiction, Infidelity/Betrayal, Separation/Divorce, Stress/Anxiety, Children/Teen Issues, Family Issues

Other degrees and certifications:

Gottman Level 1, Prolonged Exposure Therapy Certification

Why I'm a coach:

I found myself listening to people, going deep with them, and giving them advice. I thought, "Why not do this as a career?"

What I love  most about coaching:

I still love going deep with people, entering their experience, and helping them be the best version of themselves.

I recharge on my day of by:

Nature time, biking, hiking, swimming, and gardening are my favorite rechargers.

My three favorite things:



Beautiful music, nature, art, and experiences.

Ready to go?

Get paired with your coach today to begin!

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