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Daniel Gomez

Mental Health Coach

My degrees:

I work with:

BA in Religious Studies, Enrolled in Graduate Course for Human Service Counseling

men, families, youth, couples

I serve those struggling with:

Anger Management, Depression, Religious Issues/Scrupulosity, Stress/Anxiety, Health/Lifestyle, Infidelity/Betrayal, Grief/Loss, Premarital/Marriage, Abuse/Trauma, Life Transitions, Sexual Addiction

Other degrees and certifications:

Dr. Nedley's "Depression and Recovery Program" Director and Facilitator

Why I'm a coach:

Witnessing many people struggling, hurting, and seeking direction inspired me to become a coach. The realization that I could contribute to their healing process by offering practical solutions motivated me to pursue this path.

What I love  most about coaching:

Coaching inspires significant, positive changes across various aspects of people's lives. Witnessing these profound transformations firsthand is incredibly gratifying and fulfilling.

I recharge on my day of by:

I recharge by spending time with my family, enjoying nature, and connecting with God through His Word.

My three favorite things:

Family & GOD



Ready to go?

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