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Lorna Bird

Licensed Coach

My degrees:

I work with:

Diploma of Counseling


I serve those struggling with:

Life Transitions, Grief/Loss, Stress/Anxiety, Depression, Nutrition/Health/Lifestyle

Other degrees and certifications:

Health and Life Coach, TEAM-CBT Therapist

Why I'm a coach:

There have been time when I've felt stuck, alone and perplexed - wondering where to turn for help. Having experienced the benefits of coaching/counseling in my own healing journey, I am excited to share the positive difference it can make with others. I have found many beneficial tools to bring soothing to emotional pain and/or help in achieving personal goals. I love facilitating the power of these tools in the lives of others.

What I love  most about coaching:

Witnessing people experience healing, growth, and freedom to be all God created them to be.

I recharge on my day of by:

I recharge by spending time in nature and with God and by doing recreational activities with family and friends. I especially enjoy bushwalking.

My three favorite things:

Spending time with God - meditating on His word, prayer journaling and spending time in nature.

Sharing life with my husband and being a part of the lives of our young-adult children.

Seeing people make healthy choices, finding freedom and happiness.

Ready to go?

Get paired with your coach today to begin!

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