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Quieting the Noise

It seems that in the days of COVID, computers, technology and TV, our minds are assaulted by this ever present “noise.” Omni-present noise is hard to escape. It filters and infiltrates into our brains such that moments of silence and solitude are rare. The TV is on till 2 AM for company, the car radio stations blast commercials, background music plays while we work on our computers, the city street churns out its drone, people loudly talk or argue, dogs bark. It’s everywhere. I don’t mind the birds at dawn and dusk but the cacophony of all this together gives me a headache. John Lennon of The Beatles said, “All I want is some peace!” It seems peace is an elusive commodity these days.

Omni-present noise is hard to escape. It filters and infiltrates into our brains such that moments of silence and solitude are rare.

Many voices on mental health—doctors, therapists, counselors, trainers—show up in the media. Some of them prescribe meditative quiet times and calming interludes of relaxation, yoga classes, techniques, mental time-outs, work breaks, etc. I subscribe to an App named “Calm” but I’m too busy to get to it! I even bought a shower curtain that says “Breathe”! Seems like everyone wants in on the newest form of self-discovery and “mindfulness,” but then so quickly forget about them. In spite of signs on my fridge saying, “Eat slowly,” and, “Don’t eat standing up,” I’m perpetually on fast forward. And I don’t like this exhausting, frenetically fast pace.

Being “busy” is the current byword. Being overly “busy” seems to be an ego-trip for some. So often we hear, “I’m too busy to talk to you now.” A receptionist says, “The boss is busy now. S/he can’t take your call. S/he will reach out soon.” My Dad, as a former bank president would talk to anybody anytime. He liked being interrupted, as the call may be a potential customer with millions to deposit!

So how does the Bible depict Jesus? He didn’t mind being interrupted, did He? He listened to anyone who sought for His presence. The people knew that even touching the hem of his garment would bring health and healing to a wounded soul. Jesus would turn to the heart-weary and say gently, “What would you like Me to do for you?

Have you felt His peace lately? If not, then re-assess your priorities. Schedule down-time on purpose in your daily schedule. This is not easy to do. I’m guilty of the “Overload Principle” of multi-tasking, multi-directional thinking and over- thinking. I have to put up little Post-it notes on my computer to stop me from over-reaching into the overwhelming realms. I must often step back and realize I’m caught in the undertow of an ocean of busyness.

The Gospel and Mental Health are tied together. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illnesses (NAMI), about one in five adults (43.8 million) in the U.S. experiences mental illnesses in any given year. 1 Many of these individuals turn to their church in or their personal faith in search of support and guidance in times of emotional distress. I have known Dr. Jennifer Schwirzer since approximately 1977. I know she strategically addresses these concerns in her Abide Network. Dr. Jennifer is the real deal. She has the experience and educational expertise. You can trust her and her counselors.

The Gospel and Mental Health are tied together.

Dr. David Sedlacek, Professor of Family Ministry and Discipleship at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, says, “Spending time meditating on these truths found in God’s Word heals our broken brains by rewiring the destructive pathways that have been built based on lies.” He adds, “Remember that the Great Controversy being waged right now is a battle for our minds and hearts.” 2 I hope you’ll be able to join me in taking a step toward that healing today.

Peace I leave you with, My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives, I give unto you.” – Jesus

Exchange the word busy for peace right now .


Blog Post by:

Jayney Scandiff, M.Ad.Ed.

Health & Wellness Educator

Largo, Florida.

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